Lower yields, increased competition and an expanding population requiring more food make this a difficult time to prosper in farming. As a leader in the GNSS market, Septentrio works with the world’s leading agricultural machinery manufacturers to counter these challenges by providing farmers with cm-level accurate GNSS positioning.

How to guarantee robust high/accuracy GPS/GNSS positioning for precision agriculture robots - Presentation given @FIRA2019 - NaïoTechnologies.

By integrating Septentrio’s GNSS+ technology – RTK receivers, antennas and base stations into the precision agriculture system, cultivators around the globe can maximize  yields. They would know the exact area of their land, eliminate waste by knowing exactly how much fertilizer to use, and minimize machine wear through precision guidance.

Are you an agricultural integrator who wants to optimize processes and maximize efficiency for your agricultural end users? Then Septentrio’s AsteRx4 is our OEM board for you. The AsteRx4 features correction services support and unique LOCK+ technology, which maintains tracking even during heavy machinery vibrations.

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