Smart machines, robots and devices are finding their way to every industry. Wherever there is a need for accurate centimeter or decimeter level positioning GPS/GNSS correction networks can supply the data needed to augment stand-alone GNSS. Septentrio provides reference station receivers to enable numerous correction networks around the globe. Multi-frequency multi-constellation receivers from the AsteRx and PolaRx family generate uninterrupted high-quality measurements in regions such as America, Europe, China and Japan. For reference stations used in earth-monitoring please see our Scientific page.  

Corrections service availability is dependent on the continuity of measurements supplied by the reference station receivers. Robust and reliable GNSS receivers in the network are key to an outstanding service. Septentrio receivers are an industry benchmark providing continuous measurement output with remarkably low number of data-gaps. This data continuity is further enhanced by the advanced anti-interference technology (AIM+) which shields the receivers from jamming and spoofing.  

See how a reference station network can open the door to a multitude of new value-added services based on accurate GNSS positioning:

Video courtesy: NTT, Japan


What we offer

  • An open interface ensuring compatibility with other systems with standard data formats like RTCM, MSM and RINEX
  • Full control to enable or to disable data processing functionality such as smoothing or multipath mitigation
  • Quick and easy installation as well as monitoring via the graphical web interface
  • Quality indicators can be viewed remotely for efficient station health monitoring

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