Unmanned Systems

The great Nikola Tesla demonstrated the first unmanned, remote-controlled ship, “Tele-automotion”, to a stunned audience in 1898. For a century following this breakthrough, unmanned systems were primarily used by the military for reconnaissance missions. As advancements in technology become more affordable, the use of unmanned systems expanded beyond military use.

The advantages are clear: light, agile, unmanned; UAVs can go places that would otherwise be too expensive or dangerous to reach. Farmers use unmanned systems to survey crops; NGOs employ them to launch search and rescue operations in disaster zones; event coordinators monitor crowds at major musical festivals and conservationists can protect endangered species better in risky areas. 

Unmanned systems are important to Septentrio. Over the past few years we’ve designed and developed a number of OEM receiver boards especially for use inside unmanned systems.

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