Everything you need to know about radio frequency interference on GNSS/GPS signals

What’s inside the brochure?

  • How interference impacts GNSS/GPS signals
    We explain electro-magnetic radiation and the radio frequency spectrum including different sources of interference.
  • Key GNSS/GPS positioning performance metrics
    Here we look at the most common multiple GNSS constellation such as the European Galileo, American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BeiDou and Japanese QZSS bands and where they situate on the RF spectrum for GNSS but also discuss GNSS accuracy grades.
  • Different forms of GNSS/GPS interference
    We distinguish different sorts of interference, including wide-band jammers, multiple narrowband interference and self-interference.
  • How to combat GNSS/GPS interference
    Interference is complex and should be dealt with in different ways. Recognising GNSS interference is the first step. For more than 15 years Septentrio has been perfecting and fielding unique interference mitigation techniques. These countermeasures include adaptive notch filtering, pulse blanking, and unique wide band interference mitigation. Working together, these and other analogue and digital countermeasures form Septentrio’s AIM+ (Advanced Interference Mitigation) Technology

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How to solve radio frequency interference on GNSS/GPS signals?

Global Navigation Satellite Systems, in short GNSS (of which GPS is the most known one) have truly established themselves as part of the critical infrastructure in today's world. These GNSS signals are very weak and vulnerable to interference: a phenomenon where other radio signals disrupt the GNSS signals causing reduced positioning accuracy, or even the complete lack of position availability.

Download our 20 pages brochure below and get to know what radiofrequency interference (RFI) really is and how it can be dealt with. After reading our brochure, you'll know everything you need to know about radiofrequency interference on GNSS signals.

Interference Brochure