SECORX-S GNSS corrections

GNSS receivers integrated with a fast and accurate PPP-RTK correction service

SECORX-S is a unique, innovative product line which offers always-on accurate positioning right out of the box. Hassle-free reliable sub-decimeter positioning is available throughout the product lifetime. The need for a correction service subscription and maintenance is completely eliminated. These products feature our latest GNSS receiver technology integrated with a fast and accurate correction service, resulting in a convenient and easy-to-use reliable positioning.

Key benefits

  • Sub-decimeter accuracy positioning right out of the box, with no additional service subscriptions or maintenance required
  • Quick convergence time of just a few seconds
  • Always-on accuracy throughout the product lifetime (5 years)
  • GNSS+ algorithm suite with AIM+ unique anti-jamming technology
  • Receiving corrections via the internet (NTRIP) or L-band satellites in the US and Europe

True multi-frequency multi-constellation technology gives our receivers access to every possible signal from all available GNSS satellite constellations: American GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BeiDou, Japanese QZSS and Indian NavIC. Septentrio’s advanced field-proven algorithms exploit this signal diversity to deliver maximum positioning availability and robust operation in challenging environments.

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Other benefits

  • Corrections delivered via the Sapcorda SAPA PPP-RTK high accuracy augmentation service
  • Industry-leading low power consumption

Correction service coverage area



                                                           Indicative SECORX-S correction services cover area in EU
                                                           >> for latest up-to-date cover area click here



                                            Indicative SECORX-S correction services cover area in US
                                            >> for latest  up-to-date version click here

What is PPP-RTK? 

PPP-RTK (a.k.a. SSR) is the latest generation of GNSS correction services, combining near-RTK accuracy and quick initialization times with the broadcast nature of PPP. A reference network, with stations about every 150 km (100 miles), collects GNSS data and calculates a positioning correction model. These corrections are then broadcast to subscribers in the area via Internet, satellite or telecom services. Subscribed receivers use the broadcasted correction model to deduce their location-specific corrections, resulting in sub-decimeter accuracy.    




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